On The Mark Money Services Include:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Clients we speak with, financial planning Plano TX clients or those around the country often already have some form of financial plan and an advisor at the moment. We see this regularly. From our beginning conversations, we independently complete analysis, ask you the right questions and discuss your ultimate goals to help you identify gaps or improvements to let you make an educated decision on how to proceed for your future. We will uncover ways to improve performance, reduce risk and of course reduce ongoing costs internally and externally, ultimately boosting your portfolio to the lifestyle goal you’re wanting to achieve sooner.


Retirement Income Planning

Income planning and financial planning Plano TX prospective clients and clients nationwide often view income planning from many perspectives. Clients may come to us with some immediate income needs in mind and sometimes the plans are already in progress. Other times, clients have some general ideas but would like to know the most efficient way to boost income now and throughout their lifetimes. At On The Mark Money, why our analysis is so important is that although a plan may be in place, although an advisor is making recommendations, there may actually be improvements available that you may not have been made aware of and in fact could highly benefit from by either more income achieved, less risk overall, less fees overall or more flexibility and sustainability for your future.

When it comes to “safe and secure” financial planning Plano TX clients and clients nationwide consider “Guaranteed income for the rest of your life” as your “house foundation” and where it all starts in your retirement, all other growth in the portfolio is secondary. It’s not that growth isn’t important, it is when it’s built on top of a solid foundation. Think of a pyramid with all your income needs covered at the very bottom and above that first layer solid growth. Wouldn’t you have more peace of mind knowing that all your monthly income needs, travel planning needs, gifting and recreation needs are sound and secure in a plan without the concerns of where the market is at the moment?

We almost always find income planning tied to fluctuating market portfolios. And clients that say “oh I have a fixed income portfolio that’s safe”, I would say, better check again. AND WE DO. Even more so, especially portfolios where clients have expectations of safety (bonds, structured notes or fixed income) we uncover the facts that bond portfolios may actually have a larger amount of risk and downside probability than our clients ever expected.

This is evident from our past experience during the Financial Crisis in 2008 where prospects came to us looking for help with managed portfolios from other firms that were grossly mismanaged. Portfolios with income drawdowns inside both stock and bond portfolios. The markets dropped… (All markets dropped; stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities) while at the same time, their portfolios paid out income – as it dropped – causing a dramatic Double Dip Effect which for many – would leave them with – not enough of a timeline to recoup their losses in the next market recovery to satisfy their long term retirement income needs. This is a very good real life example of the Law of Sequential Returns and how it could have a dramatic affect on retirement livelihood. We avoid this with our financial planning. Our clients, whether financial planning Plano TX or somewhere else, absolutely want confidence their income plans remain consistent while the economy and the markets fluctuate.


Investment Portfolio Management

Our 2024 Investment Advisor Fee Schedule:

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor firm and Fiduciary, it is our duty to bring you the very best in design and deliverables with measurable outcomes to address your goals. As an On The Mark Money financial planning Plano TX client or a financial planning client throughout the country, after you complete our planning process, you may want to engage us with the recommendation of managing a portion of your investable assets. We often save clients 50% or more in management fees, i.e. thousands or tens of thousands of dollars which goes back to work for you! As with our planning processes, everything we do is virtual as you have seen lately the last several years. We have secure systems in place for all our documentation and trading activity and with regulatory oversight as one would expect.

We only align with proven Co-managers and Registered Investment Advisor Firms.  We house our clients portfolios with one of the largest independent online custodians; Charles Schwab & Co.   All of our client accounts, account transactions and account trades are processed through and by the custodian in clients personally identified accounts. All accounts, transactions and trading activity is completely transparent, visible and accessible by our clients. As a Fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor, we manage your portfolios only, we process transactions as you determine, we manage trading activity but we never have direct access to your holdings at any time.

When a client chooses to engage us for our investment management portion of a financial planning recommendation, we use the most tax efficient and fee efficient portfolio components to help achieve your desired goal.

As a Fiduciary, we work on a fee basis with managed portfolios based on a tiered asset size scale. The most recent fee schedule is available on our ADVII brochure.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary, We do not charge commissions or make a commission on managed portfolios or holdings inside the portfolio. We are solely compensated on a fee basis monthly, based on the dollar amount of the total account value at the end of each month. For more information, request a copy of our latest Investment Management Agreement.

For our financial planning Plano TX client or clients around the country, we offer a wide variety of Investment Strategies. Our diversified, balanced, risk-management investment approach seeks to protect and grow wealth. Our internal approaches as well as alignment with other Registered Investment Advisor managers allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to most any financial concern.Here are some of the strategies and offerings:

  • Stock strategy
  • Bond strategy
  • Municipal Bond Strategy
  • Market-Linked CD’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Thrift Savings Plan Rollovers
  • Actively Managed Portfolios
  • 401(k) Early Withdrawals
  • IRA, Roth & Tax Reduction Strategy
  • Tax Free Income Planning
  • Annuity / Life Insurance Planning
  • Comprehensive Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Trust Planning
  • Business Solutions:
    • Executive Benefits
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Business Liquidation Success Event
  • Variable Annuities
  • Fixed Index Annuities
  • Income Annuities
  • Hybrid Income / Health Benefit Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Annuity X-RAY
  • FIX MY ANNUITY ™ analysis
  • Life Insurance
  • Structured Note Strategies
  • US Treasury Bills
  • Hedged Equity Strategies
  • Structured Finance Life Insurance