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At On The Mark Money, we help you manage your investments so that your investments aren’t managing you. When managing your money, we believe going the extra mile is always worth it in the long run. We’re “experienced in finance, but Invested in the future, your future.” Excitement for what the future has in store begins with confidence in your decisions. That’s why we take the time to ask the right questions to ensure your investing preferences line up with your goals and risk acceptance. Financial planning Plano TX clients and clients around the country find that our process illuminates everything they hadn’t seen before from other sources and firms. This in turn became the difference maker for their retirement and investment planning. What could it be like for you to set and achieve your financial goals earlier than expected? What could it do for you today to have clear indicators (like stop lights) that broadcast the facts that there’s a very high probability your current planning path could lead to unnecessary losses in the short term months ahead, but at the same time would open a door for you to avoid that experience – being able to thrive on a different path to your goal. You see there are always more than one way to achieve goals in financial planning. Some paths just take on unnecessary risk that others do not.

At On The Mark Money, we’re here to help financial planning Plano TX and clients around the country. One thing they all agree on, is that times have changed even in the last five years.
We have taken measures to adjust how we serve you as well as adding the latest innovations in technology to better assist you in your achievement of your financial planning goals. Maybe it’s the desire to retire early. Maybe it’s planning the exit strategy for your company sale. Maybe it’s being able to take multiple family trips per year. It could be as simple as being able to fine tune your financial plan to be as efficient as possible with fees and taxes and optimized for growth. We address all your goals. We’re here to help make sure the steps you take now help get you to where you want to be later.

At On The Mark Money, when it comes to financial planning Plano TX clients or clients nationwide, we make your path to success convenient. All our meetings are virtual as we work with clients nationwide. Our initial consultation is more of a “discovery session”. We like to learn more about your goals and desires by asking the right questions and making certain you walk away from the meeting with an identifiable portrait of where you are on the risk reward spectrum when it comes to investing. Your answers (without any bias) determine this report, so you have a true indication of what’s most important and most acceptable with regard to investing and risk for your lifestyle. This is hugely important as we work from here to build on that path to your success. You will have this indication at the end of our initial visit.

On a second visit, we will need to complete an analysis of investment holdings etc. prior to the beginning of the meeting. At On The Mark Money, as a Fiduciary, we are obligated by law to work only in your best interest, which financial planning Plano TX clients and clients nationwide would only expect so. On top of that, we are required to support a recommendation with data and that data is the analysis of your most recent monthly or quarterly statements so that we can process comparative reports. Statements are a prerequisite to a second meeting engagement.

Once we have completed this analysis, we will report the findings to you in our second meeting.
We will discuss your current holdings and examine the comparison of your financial holdings to recent financial events in what we call stress test scenarios.

For financial planning Plano TX clients and clients across the country, here’s just a sample fo some of the topics we could discuss;

  • How did or how would your portfolio have fared during the Financial Crisis in 2008? Or the full Financial Crisis window? Or the Bull Market run in 2013? Or the Pandemic Crash of 2020?
  • How would your portfolio have fared from the Inflation Crash Adjustment or the last or next Interest Rate hike? What’s the probability of success for long term sustainability for your current plan. When will the money ultimately run out?.. If at all?
  • How can we improve the performance? What does that look like long term? How fast could you potentially double, triple your portfolio? Could we arrive at your goal sooner than expected with less risk and less fees? How can we improve the Fees exposure cost? What’s the consequence of accumulated savings on fees and taxes and growth improvement over a ten year, twenty year or thirty year period?
  • What about the Tax consequences? What is your path to a Tax-Free income? Is there a tax free alternative plan that would make a viable Tax-Free income for you in retirement? Can we improve the growth opportunity? Can we Improve the Income opportunity? Can we do all of the above?
  • Have you addressed your financial records and legal documents lately? Have you updated your beneficiaries? Do you have a Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, A Medical Power of Attorney? A Trust and has it been updated?
  • Have you fully funded your Roth Accounts? Have you looked at Roth Alternatives to create Tax-Free Income in retirement and pre-retirement?
  • Have you discussed the exposure to a long term care type event and how that might affect your portfolio and your lifestyle? Do you have a set plan in place to address the monthly cost for a long term care facility or home health care worker assisting you in your home? Have you looked at asset based alternatives to expensive long term care insurance?
  • Is there anyone in your family or extended family with a special medical need under your care?
  • What plans (if any) have you created for charitable giving now or down the road?


When we meet with financial planning Plano TX clients or clients across the US, we take the time to discover all about you and your specific lifestyle needs, concerns and goals.


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