Operation Underground Railroad.

Our position on this cause

As financial planning Plano TX advisors, we help clients achieve family and lifestyle success with smart financial decisions that make and impact. We also feel our services can make a dramatic indirect impact on qualified causes. We choose to support this cause because we strongly believe that there is an overwhelming need for immediate support today to protect at risk children around the world.

Through our interaction with financial planning Plano TX clients and clients around the country, any funds we receive from our promotional fee charged for our initial consultation services (ie. $1.00 Financial Analysis) will be donated to the charitable cause we support on a monthly basis with a match from our firm.

What cause is on the top of our list? Humanitarian causes. It is a universal desire as humans to protect other humans in harm. Period. This is not some political agenda or group alliance agenda, as the woke media portrayal. Quite frankly, it’s human nature to protect your own kind in humanity. Furthermore, it’s human nature to protect the young and old, the weak and the poor in our society. Any harm to a child is abhorrent. For an organization or the media to suggest that the cause is overblown or doesn’t exist raises the question about their motives in the denial of the fact that anyone can see that it does exist and is deeply concerning why they would be against the assistance of at-risk children in any sense.

In financial planning Plano TX or anywhere nationwide, it’s important to protect your financial foundation. The same is true for our future. Children are the foundation for our future and more support is needed to back the efforts of law enforcement and this organization to end all crimes against humanity. Yes, these are crimes against humanity…any crime involving child sex trafficking, child abuse, mental and physical abuse to children, child sexual exploitation in all its forms including medical gender reassignment of minors by parents, physicians and the medical practitioners as well as the open and visible abuse of children at the Southern U.S. Border caused by our current US government administration’s lack of action with regard to their failed immigration policy.

This has to stop. The abuse, the trafficking, the exploitation, the murder, the slavery & the harm has to stop. This is real and in our backyards in plain sight and around the globe. It’s more than a physical fight. We are in a time of Spiritual Warfare. That’s the only explanation for why anyone would exploit a child, or human for that matter in these evil ways. That’s the only reason why corporations, organizations and the media agenda would openly talk against the support of this humanitarian cause or turn a blind eye to it as a cause, or even dismiss its existence. It’s also disgusting to consider this sad fact that Americans are the largest consumers of this evil. Evil wants no light shed on this problem. Light will eradicate this problem.

These anti humanitarian groups and thoughts are out of alignment with humanity and Chrisitanity. It’s purely a fight of good versus evil. We fully support this cause and hope you consider it as one to support as well.


Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad is a non profit organization dedicated to the protection and rescue of children worldwide from the exploitation of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.
The founder of Operation Underground Railroad is Tim Ballard. Tim spent over ten years as a Special Agent for the US Department of Homeland Security. He was assigned to the specialty task force, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force where he operated undercover in the US Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

Tim has had a role and has seen every imaginable case when it comes to child trafficking rings. His work involved foreign countries as well as the United States. He was instrumental in eradicating dozens of these crime organizations and was successful at rescuing children from slavery and exploitation.

Tim along with colleagues from former teams chose to exit their governmental careers and continue the fight through the newly formed foundation in 2013. The team operates in any jurisdiction, without borders with the assistance of law enforcement to rescue and protect at risk children. The team operates worldwide.

From every corner of the globe, this crime against humanity exists and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) has fought to engage with prevention tactics, recovery tactics, protection and after care services for these children and their families. This endeavor takes massive funding, collaboration with government authorities, collaboration with military & law enforcement as well as volunteers and ultimately willing sponsor families for placement to safe and nurturing environments.

As the leader in the fight against sexual trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, OUR has devised a four point strategy for this mission; International Operations, Domestic Law Enforcement Relations, Aftercare and Children Needing Families.

International Operations

OUR Team actively intercepts and responds to multi government requests for intelligence efforts to achieve rescue missions. With constant undercover and surveillance work, OUR has been able to identify human trafficking victims as well as seek assistance with OUR Aftercare providers for survivor needs that are required. This process of direct intervention creates the environment for recovery and healing to the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Domestic Law Enforcement Relations

The fight to protect every child in our own backyard from this abuse is only possible with the latest technology and specialized assistance by members of local law enforcement.


OUR Aftercare

Providing a nurturing and safe environment for each individual to heal with holistic care and mentorship. Through group efforts from other organizations, many survivors are provided with a sustainable path forward to support their goals and dreams for themselves and their children. The best found approach for this working in international environments is by supporting local in county aid organizations with aftercare assistance.

Children Need Families

The project Children Need Families is a subproject under Operation Underground Railroad founded by Tim Ballard’s wife Katherine Ballard. CNF’s primary mission is to assist in efforts to provide adoption grants, collaboration and outreach for the benefit of at-risk children.

The work and commitment to the process is to provide a successful path of prevention to further abuse to at risk children. They recognize that healthy adoption can be a great step to prevent future child exploitation and although they are not an adoption agency, they assist families with financial grants to provide an alternative to orphanages around the world.

The process has the following components:

  • Develop a relationship with the local law enforcement agency.
  • Identify how the OUR team can integrate and assist.
  • Design an Action Strategy.
  • Implement the Action Strategy.
  • Assist authorities with the rescue and Aftercare needs of the victims.
  • Provide as much evidence as possible to complete a successful prosecution of those in behind these crimes.


The results speak for itself: Over 4000+ Predators Arrested, Over 6000+ Survivors Recovered, Over 1000+ Operations, 140 Families Assisted, 223 Children Funded, 145 Grants Awarded.

If you are interested in the best financial planning Plano TX has to offer, but also want to support a great cause, On the Mark Money is the place for you. Whenever you choose the best financial planning Plano TX has to offer, you can rest assured that a portion of your investment will go towards supporting the operations at Operation Underground Railroad. We care about our communities and we care about you, so choose the best financial planning Plano TX has to offer and support a great cause.