How It Works

At On The Mark Money, when it comes to the very best in Financial Planning Plano TX clients and clients around the country praise the approaches we use to collaborate in creating your customized financial plan for growth and income at every stage in your retirement.


Pre Retirement

At On The Mark Money, there is no better time than the present to start retirement planning. Whether you work with us now or in the future, the earlier you start planning, the greater peace of mind you could have. Financial Planning Plano TX clients and clients nationwide want help making their retirement dreams a reality. Getting those financial markers achieved on time and oftentimes, sooner than expected. We also know that things change and what you planned for in the last ten years may have a completely different outlook now. How to adjust to the present and plan to target your future, here’s where we excel with strategy to get you there..


At Retirement

At On the Mark Money, we give special consideration to your retirement date as it is a very significant change to your lifestyle. It’s important to make that transition as smooth as possible, especially when it comes to the investing aspects that secure your retirement income. From the beginning conversations we have with financial planning Plano TX clients and those around the country, we help you by asking the right questions, we identify the gaps that may exist in your current planning, and provide a roadmap for both the short-term and long-term so you can not just survive in retirement but thrive in retirement.


Active Retirees

Most retirees have heard the conversations about withdrawals in retirement and what “most financial advisors” discuss whether it’s the 4% rule or 5% some other technique that gets to the optimally “safe” number to withdraw from a portfolio monthly – without causing a premature draw down that could lead to ultimately running out of money too soon. At On The Mark Money, whether it’s a Financial Planning Plano TX client or somewhere in the US, we walk our clients through some unique and vital conversations that pinpoint the facts and help eliminate the mistakes that many advisors made in 2008. You want a plan that weathers all retirement stages and all economic environments. Should an economic tsunami happen again, (2002, 2008, 2020, 2022) how will your portfolio handle the storms? “What if ” scenarios at the click of a button tell you where you could be. How could multiple negative sequential returns years in a row affect your portfolio as your taking out an income stream? That is the million dollar question, and we guide you in discovering your own personal answer.

Step 1 – Our First Meeting

As a Fiduciary and Independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, we work with clients nationwide and virtually only. This eliminates travel time with our meeting processes, which in turn eliminates added cost for our services, which we pass back to our clients. We use a top financial custodian to house our clients accounts with complete transparency; Charles Schwab & Company. We manage client accounts, we never have direct access to clients accounts or funds, other than for management and trading activities.

Our first call is a “Discovery conversation” to begin to highlight the important goals you would like to achieve, the basics on your current status and of course some very different thoughts about portfolios, risk, choices you might make (what if scenarios) to give us a clear perspective on your risk tolerance and specifically your answers assign a risk number to your interview.

Knowing this number from the beginning, helps eliminate surprises with expectations. We often uncover the fact that you thought you had investments set up one way when in fact, they may be higher or lower than that expectation. It’s very important to identify the impact of this information BEFORE an economic event happens. This is the critical reason for our review.

What On The Mark Money does so well for financial planning Plano TX clients and those clients nationwide is to help them identify and eliminate undue risk, fees and problems before they happen, and in turn target their goals appropriately, and quite often, get them to their retirement and lifestyle goals in a shorter timeframe.

Our initial Discovery Zoom call for 30 minutes.  Our fee for this meeting is $49.95 (Discounted 50%).  It is preferred that this meeting be with both spouses as answers differ and we like to be efficient with our time and we know you do too.


Step 2 – Our Second Meeting

At the conclusion of our first meeting, with your initial review and analysis complete, we then proceed to our second meeting where we analyze all financial holdings, run comparative reports and bring recommendations. We require financial documents at least 48 hours before the second meeting can proceed.  We can receive these by email at or we can email you an encrypted secure file link for a download to your private folder. As fiduciaries, by law, all documentation is confidential and we cannot provide a recommendation without first seeing the basis for the recommendation.  Our fee for this service is $497.  

In our second meeting, financial planning Plano TX clients and around the US discover what their holdings real risk tolerance is as a comparison to maybe what they thought they had. They will also discover the results of their holdings in stress test scenarios from real world events, economic events, interest rate fluctuations and well as how they fair with inflation. What we also discuss is the sequential returns aspect of their holdings and what income flow could be affected by changes in the economy.

Step 3 – How You Wish to Proceed

At the conclusion of the second meeting, you will have a thorough review of your holdings. You will know how your portfolio could change from exposure to economic conditions in the markets. You will know how your portfolio could be affected by financial events from the past. You will know how your portfolio might act to a change in interest rates and inflation percentage variations.

We then make a recommendation for you that will compare to your current portfolio and all of the above stress test conditions. Our recommendation will ultimately target to reduce one or all of the following: an improvement in fees exposure, tax exposure, risk exposure or an improvement to your timeframe in achieving your goals or all to the above, The value on these two meetings and recommendation is often savings of thousands of dollars in fees.  At the conclusion of this meeting, with recommendations in hand, you let us know if you would like to proceed with our firm.

Note: The Third Meeting – Tax Savings Analysis meetings are only made available to new onboarding clients and the fee for this service is $999 after our initial two meetings and analysis.  The savings identified from this analysis can change the dynamics of a portfolio by tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes depending on the client.