About Us

Accelerate Your Financial Goals, Elevate Your Lifestyle.

As an Independent Investment Advisory firm and Fiduciary, On The Mark Money helps Individuals and Business Owners accelerate their investment results with a strategy that will elevate their lifestyle goals now and in the future. If you’re looking for the best financial planning Plano TX has to offer, then On The Mark Money is the choice for you.


Reasons why our clients come to us:

  • They want trust and confidence in their investment choices, no second-guessing on what market sector to invest in, wondering if a sudden shift in the economy will upend their investment portfolio, they want a proven system that is time tested with measurable outcomes at their specific risk level, putting them in control.
  • Financial Planning Plano TX clients want dramatic fee reduction & the ability to participate in every viable tax reduction strategy, oftentimes saving tens of thousands of dollars immediately and hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, not to mention what these extra added dollars could do to the growth inside their portfolio. Fee reduction with enhanced growth opportunity to get you to your goal sooner.
  • They are tired of seeing hard-earned income wasted on taxes and want to be aware of all tax-advantaged options they can participate in. With our tax planning, we review tax returns annually independent of your accountant for maximum tax savings strategies.
  • They want the option for their wealth to be actively monitored to adjust efficiently in the event of economic changes.


The economic, political, social and business world has changed the landscape for business owners and executives and my clients are tired of putting their energy into:

  • Outdated savings and retirement strategies that have not grown with available technology today. The financial technology in investment management from decades past could cost you large amounts of time and money versus methods and approaches offered today.
  • Financial Planning Plano TX clients are tired of risking all their life-long savings in the market & traditional retirement accounts. Alternative investments offered today often reduce fee and risk exposure.
  • Not having clarity on a tax-free income strategy. Isn’t a tax free income the best kind? It’s wise to find out how this could enhance your overall strategy for retirement income.
  • Not being able to monitor changes in the market or total portfolio.
  • Worrying what will happen to their family if something unexpected happens to them. It’s important to have all your planning items reviewed, we use a 45 point checklist to give you a solid foundation.


Within a few months of partnering together with us, our clients are frequently able to:

  • Have confidence in their plans and finances moving forward.
  • Confidently work alongside an advisor they trust with their best interest, first in mind.
  • Have peace of mind knowing their assets and legacy are protected from the probability of future tax increases.
  • Pay less attention to headlines and feel reassured knowing their family will be protected in the future.
  • Spend more time on the things most important, the joyful pleasures in life and less worry about their money.

When it comes to financial planning Plano TX clients that own businesses as well as those that own businesses nationwide, If you’re a business owner, you’re in the business of business decisions day in and day out and mostly for others, you might spend the bulk of your time worrying about the ups and downs, the right placement and not nearly enough energy on the things you love and the people you care about in your life.

That’s where On The Mark Money provides the best actionable steps financial planning Plano TX clients seek to accelerate their goals.

We’re here to empower you with clarity, confidence and an action plan to elevate your lifestyle goals! What if you could ultimately retire sooner or hit that target valuation goal sooner.
The faster the target goal, the faster the path to lifestyle goals. We help our clients get to both.


If you’re ready to challenge traditional thinking and take a better approach to manage
your wealth then we invite you to schedule a Discovery Meeting:  https://calendly.com/mark-106/discovery-call


We help you manage your finances so that your finances aren’t managing you.
We are retirement planning experts. We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advice through all stages of retirement. We spend a great deal of time with our clients, learning about their unique situation so that we can develop a customized plan that allows them to take advantage of every opportunity they can during planning for retirement.

Through our consultative process, we review and identify all factors of our client’s financial situation, evaluating their specific needs and goals. Together, we analyze, review and discuss their present position and assess how our services might provide insight and guidance to success on their financial goals through our financial planning process.

Our financial planning Plano TX team is comprised of advisory experts in estate & tax planning, investment management and risk management and carry the designations of CFP or CFA. We operate as a Fiduciary and put the needs and interests of our clients above our own.

Once we’ve completed an analysis through our comprehensive financial planning process and have created a recommended course of actionable items, the client can choose to further integrate our investment management recommendations and/or retirement income planning recommendations for a success path to their specific goals.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Annuity / Life Insurance Planning
  • Comprehensive Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Solutions;
  • Executive Benefits
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Liquidation Success Event


We offer a wide variety of Investment Strategies that fit the needs of financial planning Plano TX clients desire. Our diversified, balanced, risk-management investment approach seeks to protect and grow wealth. Here are some of the strategies and offerings:

  • Stock strategy
  • Bond strategy
  • Municipal Bond Strategy
  • Market-Linked CD’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Thrift Savings Plan Rollovers
  • Actively Managed Portfolios
  • 401(k) Early Withdrawals
  • IRA, Roth & Tax Reduction Strategy
  • Tax Free Income Planning
  • Variable Annuities
  • Fixed Index Annuities
  • Income Annuities
  • Hybrid Income / Health Benefit Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Annuity X-RAY
  • Life Insurance
  • Structured Note Strategies
  • US Treasury Bills
  • Hedged Equity Strategies
  • Structured Finance Life Insurance


Your Dedicated Team of Professionals

Mark Stoecker – Founder / Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Mark Stoecker is the Founder and Fiduciary of On The Mark Money, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor Firm.

Mark has proudly served his clients throughout the US for more than 30 years.
Mark specializes in Retirement Planning, Income Planning, Investment and Tax Strategies.

Mark has successfully completed the FINRA sponsored Series 7, 6, 63, 65 examinations, as well as holds a General Agency Life and Health Insurance license and works with clients nationwide throughout the U.S.