How We Work

As a Fee-Only financial adviser, I proudly serve as a Fiduciary to my clients. The word Fiduciary is indeed key, as I put my clients interests far before my own in all my processes and recommendations.

Each client receives a custom financial and investment management plan geared toward their unique financial goals and objectives.

Plans are customized around life events such as retirement, wealth transfer, business succession planning and retirement income planning.

Additionally, each client has a unique team of experts working for them. These are affiliated experts and advisers in tax planning, investment management and risk management.

I meet with clients one on one, and over the years, as time constraints and distance become and issue with schedules, as is often the case, whether it's across the city or across the country, I realize that clients prefer flexibility and I also use technology - web conferencing & phone, so we can work together.  I prefer one on one initial meetings as we begin our working relationship.

Let's get started today with a Discovery Call, call me at 214-536-4678.

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