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Financial strategy to grow and protect your legacy.

How You May Benefit:

On The Mark Money is an Independent Fee-Only Investment Adviser and Fiduciary specializing in Investment Management and Retirement Planning.

Mark Stoecker is Principal and President of On The Mark Money. Mark has been serving clients for more than 25 years.

Mark’s clients value his personalized connection to their lifestyle financial needs and he is highly recommended among peers, clients and their colleagues.

On The Mark Money is an unaffiliated Independent Investment Advisor firm working with TD Ameritrade Institutional, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab Institutional, as well as other Co-Advisor firms and Registered Investment Advisory companies.

Mark has successfully completed the FINRA sponsored Series 7, 6, 63, 65 examinations, as well as holds a General Agency Life and Health Insurance license.

Our Typical Clients:

I have been very blessed to benefit from the relationships built with my clients over the many years.

Each client is uniquely different but they do share some similar traits that fit very well with my investment planning philosophy.

There are a few common traits that stand out and maybe this would help you determine if we would be a good fit together.

We specialize by providing Independent Investment Management, Retirement Planning and Financial Advice to retirees and those preparing for retirement.

Most of my clients are generally within 10 years of retirement or are retired.

Most clients are fairly conservative to moderate in their appetite for risk. They value safety as well as growth and appreciate the thoughtful navigation of a customized investment plan. They tend to put less emphasis on maximum possible returns and take a more balanced approach.

My clients are patient and long term investors. They have long term views, are committed to customized plan management and understand the benefits of what this can reap for the rest of their lives.

Most clients are successful professionals and business owners who are very family oriented, community involved people who value the meaning of life beyond the accumulation of wealth and appreciate protecting their ideal lifestyle goals.

How We Work Together:

As a Fee-Only financial adviser, I proudly serve as a Fiduciary to my clients. The word Fiduciary is indeed key, as I put my clients interests far before my own in all my processes and recommendations.

Each client receives a custom financial and investment management plan geared toward their unique financial goals and objectives.

Plans are customized around life events such as retirement, wealth transfer, business succession planning and retirement income planning.

Additionally, each client has a unique team of experts working for them.

These are affiliated experts and advisers in tax planning, investment management and risk management, from my network around the country.

I meet with clients one on one, and over the years, as time constraints and distance become and issue with schedules, as is often the case, whether it's across the city or across the country, I realize that clients prefer flexibility and I also use technology - web conferencing & phone to help us work together.

I prefer face to face meetings, but also recognize phone and web appointments, can be highly productive and always welcome, especially when we have a clear objective.

Exceptional Value Serves You Best:

Over the years, I've learned that I'm most successful when I offer my clients exactly what they're looking for, a relationship.

We learn about each other. It's a working relationship and I value the fact that I'm a steward to other peoples money.

We will be discussing all things financial.

As things change over time, whether it's planning retirement, planning a vacation home purchase, thinking about an expansion to your business or practice, succession planning or the ultimate sale of the business, we take those times to map out a strategy.

We map out the most tax efficient growth strategies that coordinate with our active tactical management - using Results In Advance Planning mapping the way.

I implement Active Tactical Asset Management Formulas on all accounts with active monitoring.

This is done through the use of a proprietary asset allocation algorithm that takes into account a client's risk profile, investment objectives and tax qualifications of their investments.

The result is a portfolio that allows investors to confidently enjoy life knowing their investments are always being monitored to provide a perfect balance of return, risk management and tax management.

When I manage client accounts, I use independent institutional level adviser firms and custodians like TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and Schwab.

This insures all transparency all the time to the client. I never take custody of a clients assets. (ever)

This is important to understand, it helps prevent theft and fraud. I also do not partake in any transaction commissions on and investment account since I'm a Fiduciary and not a representative of the financial custodian.

For the Active Tactical Asset Management, I strive to keep costs extremely low and as a result, our demand is very high.

My investment management fee is extremely competitive and even comparable to some passive investments.

Often times, we're saving our clients thousands per year compared to our competition.

Investment management accounts have an Annual Investment Management fee based on total assets under management, billed monthly through the custodian, very transparent.

There is a tiered fee schedule based on asset size.

Think about it...

For example... Let's say you're newly retiring from the healthcare profession and you rollover your $500,000 401(k) to an IRA Rollover …

...and you use one of the other guys…

... i.e. Edward Jones or some broker type advisor. The Edward Jones broker places your rollover IRA in a bucket of traditional (high cost) mutual funds or variable annuities.

I say high cost because you really can't see all the internal fees.

If you look, the funds may carry redundant stock positions. There may be a star rating but you have to look deeper to truly see the internal results. (This is why we review the independent Morningstar stats on all holdings).

Often times there's no real direction or monitoring of the funds...

...and the broker makes a big commission.

This may work for the broker, does it work for you?

How big a broker commission?  

Read On.....

Compare On The Mark Money to the Alternatives.

...Here's the quick math on that $500,000 example...  Your Broker may be seeing...

up to 5% or up to $25,000 commission...and not just one time....

but every time the broker moves those buckets of funds around, the company would be benefiting.

Who does this serve again?

What difference did this broker / advisor bring to the table?

What if you use an Investment Advisor?

... i.e. Ameriprise, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, LPL Financial, Schwab, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Raymond James, AG Edwards, Stifel and the like…

Someone Maybe Not So Independent.

You'll probably see placement in the same funds or similar funds and variable annuities, with fees in the range of up to 2.00% before internal expenses or other fees!

For what?

Passive accounts?

Buy and hold funds?

Exchange Traded Funds? (ETF's)


Outdated approaches, with no monitoring?

Things have changed over the last ten years.

* What if there was a better way?

* One where your path was known in advance…

* One more tax efficient…

* One more fee efficient...at a fraction of the above…

* One with immediate $$$$ savings to you…

* Where the value offered was clear…

* A path that targets all your financial goals…

That is available to you today.

Read on…

Find Out the (7) Answers Listed Above

Are you ready for some better financial advice?

Good financial planning takes time to navigate and it's a process. I feel the adviser and client work best together as a team. It's well worth your time.

For new clients, I have a Two Step Process Planning Process.

Step One is a Strategy Session.

We set a one hour One on One - In Person Meeting.

It's a big picture discovery session to review all financial documents and topics.

We review your Confidential Personal & Financial Profile, a thorough interview to clarify your goals and needs.

We review your Asset Allocation Questionnaire. It's an assessment of your investment risk tolerance, Investment return expectations and general timelines for income needs. We use this information to create your personalized Investment Policy Statement.

At this meeting, we determine what value we might provide moving forward. We discuss next steps, our services breakdown and if we agree to work together, we move forward.

Step Two is Financial Planning & Investment Analysis.

Again, well worth the time to complete.

This is what we call Results in Advance Planning.

This is where you'll find answers to make or save you money.

We break things down, We review the facts with no pre-judgement.

We uncover fine detail maybe you've never seen before.

We review 22 specific key checkpoints on every plan...

Why 22 specific key checkpoints???

Through this process we almost always find 2 or 3 areas of concern that need attention.

In addition, the national average in savings on fees and expenses of our typical client that goes through our process is $3216. Some less, but some much much more.

My personal planning record for one client in savings was in excess of $100,000.

Of the 22 checkpoints, any one of these areas left unresolved could be troublesome.

Some of these checkpoints could cause you havoc, leaving you seriously exposed.

A couple of these key areas together, left untouched, could destroy $100,000 or more each.

It's just makes sense to be prudent to take an extra step and protect what you have already worked years to build so you know with confidence, you've protected yourself, especially the freedom and lifestyle you expect throughout your life.

Again as mentioned above, the national average in savings to clients in this process is $3216 or more.

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Could We Work Together?

Because of the advancements in technology, I'm happy to work with investors all over the United States.

I have great resources to provide a web-based virtual meeting or If you happen to be within a car ride of the Dallas Fort Worth area, I'm more than happy to meet with you at one of our locations personally.

If you would like to have a conversation about working together, I'd be happy to invest an hour of my time getting to know you better, a Strategy Session, uncovering your financial goals and helping to determine if there's value I can provide in your life.

Just use the Contact Us Tab and schedule a one hour meeting that fits your calendar.

Thanks for learning more about who I serve and how we work together.